Juliana rhea

Juliana is a licensed esthetician and certified in permanent makeup. She specializes in skin care, lashes, and permanent makeup. She grew up in Austin, Texas before moving to Colorado in 2016. She has been in Summit County for almost a year now, snowboarding and being outside as much as possible. She loves what she does and knows you will also!





Sarah olson

Sarah has been a licensed manicurist since 2007. She is independently insured through Associated Nail Professionals and licensed in multiple states, including Colorado. 

Sarah specializes in structured gel manicures, high end cuticle work, and nail art. What's a structured gel manicure? It's a base coat that tie your manicure strength so you are able to grow your own natural nails without them breaking! This service allows wearers up to 3 weeks of beautiful nails. 

Sarah's attention to detail is second to non and you can be assured her experience, creativity, and genuine love for her craft shines through all of her work. 

Accolades: Certified in Electric Filing, Advanced E-File Cuticle Care, Expert E-File Cuticle Care



Ciara damian

Ciara Marie Damian currently resides in Denver. Before coming to Colorado 12 years ago, she spent most of her time on the water in the Florida Keys. Born in Breckenridge, her family went on vacation to Florida at age 3 and never left. Islamorado of the Florida Keys is the place she called home for 16 years. Upon graduating high school, she went to the University of South Florida in Tampa but needed a big change. After one year, she packed up and ventured on her own across country, back to her roots, Colorado. It was here she found that change she was looking for in live music, nature, art, love, passion, health, and TRAVEL. After her very first train trip at just two weeks old to California the travel bug was instilled very young. Now 32 years, 46 states, 27 countries and 3 contents later, adventure is still her deepest passion. When Ciara is not on the road she enjoys improving her serve on the tennis courts, surfing that winter snow swell and dancing to any musical vibrations that keeps her heart in beat. From the Ocean to the Mountains, her purpose unfolds one day at a time! 

Ciara specializes in custom gel nails. The details in her hand painted nail art is incredible. 


Katie hecker

Katie has been a license Esthetician and certified in Permanent Makeup since 2019. She grew up in Kansas City, Kansas before moving to Colorado in 2016. Katie specializes in lashes, permanent makeup, skincare, and makeup. When she’s not working you can find her snowboarding, hiking, or hanging out with her boyfriend and two cats.


jessica Jeziorski

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Summit County. I attended Higher Elevation School of Healing arts in Gypsum, Colorado in 2020. I moved to Colorado in 2017 like most in with a car full of everything I owned and some hopes and dreams. I soon realized my passion for body work and have been continuing my education since. I am currently certified in John F. Barnes techniques of Myofascial Release LVL 1. Myofascial Decompression techniques and negative pressure of soft tissue mobilization: increased efficiency of motion through fascial flexibility and neuromuscular re-education LVL 1 and Advanced course through the Bay Area Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Seminars. In case all that was a little confusing, I can manually unrestricted fascia using my hands and or with the use of cups and active or passive motion. To me it’s more than just Massage Therapy, it's Muscle Therapy. When I’m not posturally assessing people and helping them get back in balance you’ll find me outdoors. I enjoy foraging for mushrooms with my dog, rafting, mountain biking, and hiking. I also love to make jewelry and wood burn art on wood I find on my adventures.

Lindsey Davis


Lindsey is the owner of Mountain Glo and has been growing this business since 2013. She grew up in Kansas but has been living in Summit County since 2008.  When she first started Mountain Glo it was only mobile spray tanning services and after growing that, she decided to finally start using her cosmetology license. Lindsey is certified in Classic and Volume Lash Extensions and also in Permanent Makeup, but loves spray tanning! When she isn't working seven days a week, she loves to get out of the snow and travel to new places! 

taylor guse

Taylor has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2017. Shortly after receiving her license, she left Northwest Indiana to head to the mountains of Summit County. She has been working with Mountain Glo since the fall of 2019. Taylor specializes in lash extensions and spray tans. When Taylor is not working, you can find her traveling with her boyfriend, hanging out with her two golden doodles, working out, or reading.



brooke renaker

​​Brooke has had a passion for the beauty industry her entire life, she began by providing hair and makeup to her cheerleading team in high school, an army of 70 athletes, for their state competitions and realized this is what she was meant to do. Upon graduating high school,  she became a bridal specialist offering on location services while attending cosmetology school. Once completing her advanced cosmetology program and licensing in 2018, Brooke began to specialize in all things blowouts and styling, along with eyelash extensions. A Buckeye at heart, Brooke made the move from central Ohio to Breckenridge in 2022. When she isn’t working, she’s likely spending her time traveling with her boyfriend, listening to alllll the true crime podcasts, or indulging in her favorite reality TV shows.