mobile spray tanning

We offer mobile spray tanning for one or a group. This service is very popular for our wedding parties. It is so nice to get a tan in the comfort of your own home and not have to get dressed right away. It is not fun having to put those clothes back on while you feel a little sticky after your tan. 

We arrive and pop up a tent and just need an outlet. We lay down a towel on the inside of the tent for you to stand on and one outside of the tent to set our machine on. We bring enough solution for everyone in the group to also offer different shades and rinse times. 

This is not available to book online as our system does not allow for travel time. You can call or email us to request booking. 


We offer three different types of solutions. Light/Medium, Dark, and Express. 

Our light/medium and dark solutions require a minimum of 8 hours processing time. This means you will not want to get it wet before then. Both of these solutions will only darken to a certain level. If you leave it on longer, it is ok. 

Looking for a sunless tanning solution that fits your on-the-go lifestyle? Our Express solution is a quick-drying, non-sticky formula fortified with a violet undertone to create the most natural-looking custom tan. Shower in as little as two hours for a light tan or 5 hours for an extra dark tan; you control your desired depth of color based on your shower time!

*When using the Express, it still takes 8 hours for the color to fully show up. So when you rinse, do not panic, the color is still processing. 


Waxing, pedicures and facials should be done at least two days prior to your tanning session.                                      
Shave and exfoliate with an exfoliating scrub 48 hours prior to your spray tan. This will rid the skin of dead skin cells enabling the tan to last longer.  We recommend exfoliating with a non oil based, non moisturizing, exfoliating wash to get the best results from their tan.   

No makeup, perfumes or lotions. These can affect the absorption of DHA resulting in streaking and minimal color. 

Deodorants should  be avoided the day of your spray tan.  Spraying over deodorant can result in green rings around arm pit and is difficult to remove.  If you put on deodorant the day of your spray tan just remove it before your appointment with a baby wipe or wash cloth.

Wear dark, loose-fit clothing and flip flops after your tan.  You will want to wear comfortable loose clothing, not tight fitting.  Please also keep in mind that spray tan solution may rub off on your clothing so wear something you don't mind getting a little dirty.  Spray tan solution will typically wash out of your clothes.

no-no's of spray tanning 

Never apply your tan on top of an existing self- tanner unless it's a gradual tan product such as our tan extender. We recommend using our Sjolie Body Scrub to help remove any unwanted spray tan. 

If using a spray product, don't spray directly on the skin, hold it about a can length away and use big circular movements. Our Tahitian Tanning mist is awesome!  But it can leave lines and splotches if your not careful with it.  ASK ME TO SHOW YOU!

Avoid tight clothing and heavy layers If you're visiting a tanning salon after work. Bring a loose, dark change of clothing.  No bra if you can swing it!  

Do NOT let the moisture out! Keep the skin supple and the tan fully hydrated. The tanning agent DHA is naturally drying so forgetting to moisturize is another big no- no.


Avoid siting directly on leather or light fabric seats after your tanning session.  Sit on a towel or seat protector instead.  You may also want to sleep on old sheets the night of your spray tan before your first rinse. Wait 8 hours before showering. DHA needs 8 hours before rinsing off for optimal results

You will see the cosmetic bronzer wash off after your first rinse, this is normal. 

Avoid soaking in pools or hot tubs.  Chlorine bleaches things, yes this means you!

Always wear sunscreen when venturing outdoors.  Our spray tan solution does not contain sunscreen so you must protect your skin.

Moisturize 2-3 times per day after your spray tan.  Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer and slows down the process of natural skin exfoliation.  Avoid alcohol based products which will dry out the skin and can cause the tan to fade quicker and unevenly.  You may also want to use a tan extender to moisturize and extend the life of your spray tan.  I recommend our  tan extender.